Saturday, September 28, 2013

Miami is SICK!

Noel was feeling somewhat better, so we got a few hours of driving in.  The weather was terrible and we saw quite a few accidents, including someone pulling a trailer similar to ours.  We got off the highway near a town called Mimms, and found a small campground called Crystal Lake.  It was small, but looked clean and the owner, Wendy, was a sweetheart.  She and her sister recently purchased the place and were making improvements and renovations.  She made us feel welcome and we parked under a small orange tree and called it home for the night. 

To my delight, there was a sandhill crane just walking around the campground and didn't fly away when I got close to take a picture.  Wendy said he hangs around the campground daily (she named him Joey) and loves to be fed bread.  So I fed him a slice of bread and he took it right out of my hand.  (I know, I know, bread is bad for wildlife, but come on, when do you get to see a sandhill crane up close??)

The following day we finished our trek to Miami and made our way to a KOA in Davie, Florida.  What a dump!  The hookups were on the wrong side, the grass needed mowed and was full of sand fleas (which my feet and ankles are still itching like crazy from), the shower house ready to fall in.  We unhooked, but the more we looked around, the more we said we just couldn't stay there, so we hooked back up and were pulling out of the drive.  KOA can keep our $44 deposit and their sand fleas.  The campgrounds in and around Miami are pretty slim pickin's - guess most snow birds avoid Miami, and rightfully so. (the traffic here is RIDICULOUS!)  I found a place called "Paradise Island RV Resort" about 20 miles up the road, so Noel drove there.  This place is no paradise and no island, but the showers are clean, the pool is nice and the price is reasonable.  Home it is.

So now Noel is feeling better, but still have some intestinal issues (Kaopectate cocktail anyone?) and I have a terrible sore throat.  We did get to see Jason and his girlfriend for dinner (a great place called Rosie's Bar and Grill).  Mostly we've been resting and drinking Nyquil.  We were excited to find that the library is less than a mile from our "paradise island" [sarcasm], but for a non-resident of Broward County they charge $50!!  We were so disappointed because we've both been reading a lot, and I can't seem to get the Dayton MetroLibrary's website to work with this wifi, so I can't even get more books for my Kindle!

I was sitting outside today (napping) when I was awakened by a lot of squawking.  A flock of about 50 birds (I thought they were parrots) were in the tree just outside the trailer.  How fun!  Turns out they are Blue Crowned Conures!  (by the way if you click on any of the pictures in this blog, it will make them bigger)  There were at least 50 of them! 

Also, when we were tearing down in Savannah, Noel saw this adorable frog!  He was only about an inch long and blended in with the sand so well he was really well concealed.  Noel said he was up on our water hookup pipe.  Awwww - I wuv him!

I also went to SuperKutz for a haircut.  It looks a bit like it was cut by Edward Scissorhands and its WAY too short, but at least it's out of my eyes and it will be cooler.  The humidity here certainly lives up to what they say about Florida - yikes!

Tomorrow is Jason's day off and we have plans to go to the beach with he and Katie.  Saltwater is supposed to be good for a sore throat, right?  Here's hoping!

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