Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Floating by the Bunnies

Today was another kick back day - sat outside reading most of the morning and this afternoon, here at the Shenandoah Valley Campground, you can rent inner tubes to float down the river, so that's what we did.  We parked our truck at the end, by the waterfall, then walked up to the office to rent the tubes.  You start at the far end of the campground (this place is huge!), drop your inner tube in the river, sit your butt in it and start drifting!  How easy is that?

It was a bit shallow in places so our bottoms got caught more than a few times on a rock, but all in all, it was relaxing and uneventful.  But we're Lemons, and we don't "do" uneventful!  LOL  So at the landing, we drug our tubes out of the water, put them on the tailgate of the truck, which we so thoughtfully parked there to save us from walking a long distance with wet shoes and tubes.  Of course, one fell off, so Noel backed up to get it, promptly ran right over the tube, where it got stuck.  He had me get in the drivers seat and slowly pull up, so he could un-wedge it from under the truck.  WHOOSH - it burst.  OOOPS!  The folks at the campground were nice about it and didn't make us pay for it, but we were sweating it, because these weren't just truck tires, they were nice "water park" quality, heavy duty tubes.  Whew!

This campground has it all, a nice pool, hot tubs, mini golf, a trout fishing pond, cabins, horseshoes - all the camping necessities.  And one extra bonus.  BUNNIES!  Lots and lots of bunnies!  I guess the owner had a few domestic rabbits, that accidently got out, where they promptly started reproducing, and now there are about 100 rabbits hopping around the campground.

Tomorrow morning we are headed to Virginia Beach - where I may not have wifi - so I'll post when I can.

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