Saturday, October 5, 2013

Miami Heat!

We continue to have a good time here in Miami. Our son Jason invited us to see his apartment where we hung out at his pool and then he and his girlfriend Katie fixed us a wonderful dinner. We’ve been to Jason’s restaurant (he is a manager at Tijuana Flats) where we got first class service and have gotten together just to hang out. It’s been great to be able to see him and spend some time with him. We are breaking new ground (new for us anyway) in building a relationship with our adult son and adjusting to seeing him as the awesome man he has become. He has matured and grown so much since dropping him off here for college 4 years ago. He’s a college graduate and a hard working, loving and honest young man. Noel and I can’t help but high five each other on occasion - we did it!! Yay us!! J

This is Jason and Katie’s 20th floor apartment in North Bay Village - he has a great apartment with an amazing view - no wonder he likes it so much here! His pool was like some Vegas hotel’s pool, overlooking the Biscayne Bay. Mama might need to stay a while!

Oh, and they have a pet snake!  Good thing I like snakes!
He and Noel went car shopping together - another great father/son bonding day. Jason traded in the 2003 Saturn we bought him back in high school for a 2012 Toyota Scion. He test drove many cars and worked out his budget on his own and had his own down payment - Noel was there only for a 2nd opinion and did end up having to co-sign, only because Jason has no real credit history in his own name and Noel was able to get a much better interest rate. I wish I had been there to take pictures - buying a car all his own could have been one last scrapbook entry under “Jason’s firsts”!! LOL His baby book goes to year 25 - that sucker is HUGE!!

On the days we don’t see Jason we’ve been hanging out in the trailer, reading, laying by the pool, or doing some exploring on our own.

One afternoon we went to the Sawgrass Outlet Mall - I really tried to just window shop because there is very little room in the trailer for new stuff - but who can resist $7.50 pajamas and an easy, breezy skirt for $10?? Not me, obviously. 

We also went to the fancy mall here called Aventura Mall. When I say fancy, I mean F-A-N-C-Y! There is a caviar bar kiosk in the center aisle, steaks and sushi in the food court and a Louis Vuitton store. I drooled a little on a leather Michael Kors purse and I may or may not have peed a little when I saw some $1600 Louboutin shoes on sale for a mere $960. That’s 40% off! I’d be the queen of the RV park! I settled for my favorite Origin’s body moisturizer for $32. I’ll at least be the smoothest, best smelling woman at the RV park!

One afternoon I got itchy to make some jewelry from some of the new things I found at the bead stores previously mentioned.  Yes, they are for sale - feel free to inquire - two are vintage glass, one is a beautiful greenish turquoise and then some beach glass.

Yes, they are for sale - mama needs gamblin' money. 
There is a Wizard of Oz penny slot machine calling my name!!

One afternoon we went to the Gulfstream Casino - I played a Wizard of Oz penny machine and won $75!!  Which meant we were ahead by $50 - we took the money and run!! (by run, I mean we walked really fast!!)


It kept going and going - I WON 7500 pennies!!

Today we drove to Delray Beach for an art festival. It was a beautiful, sunny day to most south Floridians - to us, it was a steam bath at the gates of Hell! No, I didn’t throw a bucket of water on Noel - we were both this sweaty while everyone else walked around dry and cool as a cucumber!

Yes, that's sweat!  Yes, its THAT humid here!

We didn’t buy anything, but there was lots of pretty things to look at - I can’t believe I’ve turned into one the customers I usually hate at art shows. A “looker”!! Sorry artists - maybe next time, when I don’t live in a 275 square foot sardine can!

Delray Beach Art Fair


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