Monday, December 30, 2013


Our time here in SW Florida is coming to a close.  We've been packing up and getting to move the trailer to another spot, since ours is rented out as of January 1st and we aren't leaving until the 5th.  We had some torrential rain the other night, and unlike the romance of "the sound of rain on a tin roof", here in the trailer it sounds more like being under siege.  Here is a little video I shot in the dark; turn your volume way up and you'll get an idea of what it sounds like in here!

The wind must have caught our screen door, because we found the handle on the floor one morning.  We took a ride to the Camping World store to get a new one and Mr. Fix It had in on in no time.  :)

While up that way, we stopped at Manatee Park where every winter hundreds of manatee flock to the warm water being discharged by the power plant.  We saw quite a few, but the photographs didn't turn out well - the water was dark and the sun so bright you really couldn't see under the water.  Trust me when I say there are lots of manatee in the following picture!

We made friends with one of the Manatee...

I even practiced my alligator wrestling skills while at the park.  Didn't know I was that talented, did you?

Kids were out flying kites.  In December!  That's my kind of Christmas break!

Over the weekend we took in another art show, this one in Estero, and had lunch at a California Pizza Kitchen.  Those restaurants are closed in Dayton, so I enjoyed my thai pizza, one of my favorites from that chain!

We've been over to Sanibel a few times to do some shelling, and Thursday my friend Elaine and I plan to take in an early sunrise and a negative low tide.  It's tough work, but somebody has to do it.  Those shells aren't going to find themselves! I have to get a few more beach fixes before we head to the desert!  A cloudy day on the beach beats a sunny day of freezing cold temperatures!

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b and bb cole said...

ohhh you're leaving Florida soon? To go to the desert? Happy and Safe travels. Will keep up with you always, I sooo enjoy this blog Anna!
Happy New Year!