Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Internet connections have been sketchy here at the Groves RV Resort, and it's starting to get on my nerves!  And the pool heater had to be replaced, so we've been without a pool for a week now, and that's not making me too happy either.  But we've managed to stay busy and are getting to know some of our neighbors here, so all is well.

One afternoon we went into downtown Ft Myers for a free Calusa Indian art exhibit.  It showed art works depicting various scenes of Florida's history.  We enjoyed it, and had a nice lunch afterward and walked the shops of downtown.


We found a BEAD shop!

And a cute art co-op market!

The campground had a Thanksgiving dinner where they provided the turkey, and the residents provided various side dishes. The food was great, and we really enjoyed it.  We sat with out neighbors and we laughed and laughed and talked well into the late afternoon.  I had volunteered to help decorate the hall, so I got to meet a few of the ladies, and then Noel and I both helped to clean up.  Today there was a "Buck a Dog" lunch with $1 hot dogs.  Someone asked Noel if his daughter wanted ice cream!  HAHAHAHAHAHA - I told you, I'm the youngest in the place!

One day my new friend Eileen and I went over to Sanibel.  I was excited to see a whole flock of Frigate birds riding the breeze, and after shelling, we took a drive through Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge and saw more birds, and a great big alligator.

Itchy pelican....

When this mangrove crab fell out of the tree and scampered across my foot, I squealed like a girl!
It startled me!  They move fast!

The Sanibel lighthouse is all decked out for Christmas!

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to Miami to see Jason.  He took us down to South Beach to show us where he works at his new job at The James Royal Palm.  It's a beautiful, fancy hotel right on the beach.  He seems to like his job, although for the amount of responsibility he has, and for the price of those rooms (cha-ching!), he gets paid peanuts!  He's frustrated, but I know he is destined for greatness!
One of the restaurants, called The Florida Cookery, inside the James Royal Palm
 One of the bedrooms of a two bedroom suite:

 That is one fancy mini-bar!

The James Royal Palm Hotel:


Afterward he fixed us an amazing dinner - I sure wish he could cook like that back in high school!
Over the weekend I was having a really hard time with pain, but I was determined to make it to the National Sand Sculpting Competition before it was over, so I drugged up and we went out to Ft Myers Beach to see the amazing sculptures.  I came home, threw my guts up, and fell asleep in the chair.  Our very uncomfortable chair I might add.  We are going to check some of the many thrift stores down here for a better chair!
My favorite! There was as work in progress of the Island of Mis-Fit Toys!

A party bus took us from the parking lot to the beach!

I never knew how much of my dad's frowny-face I have when I sleep!

Today we are just hanging around the campground, cleaning house, decorating for Christmas, doing laundry, etc.  Hopefully my pain level comes back down to its usual 5, because there are a lot of upcoming Christmas activities I want to participate in!
I managed to decorate the RV for Christmas for less than $10! (although the lights and tree we brought with us).  The garland and ornaments are from a garage sale, and the ribbon from Target!  'Tis the Season!


Stay in touch everyone!!

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b and bb cole said...

Anna, It really is so nice to read your blog and see all your doing. It looks like SO much fun! Your pics are fabulous too!! Merry Christmas!! XOX ~ Beth