Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas in Sanibel

While the rest of the country experiences record cold temperatures, snow and ice, here in Ft. Myers, Florida, we continue to bask in the sun.  It's actually been above normal temperatures here and its been in the 80s all week.  The "seniors at play" are rolling in daily!

I am really excited to be so close to Sanibel Island and to experience Christmas "Island Style".  We went to the Luminary Festival on Sanibel, an evening where the main road across the island is lit with candle luminaries, and the businesses are decked out in Christmas lights, free food, activities, live music and the shops stay open late.  It was really beautiful, but really crowded.  We opted to use the free shuttles to go from place to place, but so did the other thousands of people, which means we spent hours standing in line.  I was glad to experience it, once, but wouldn't do it again.  I had hoped to go to the golf cart parade and the lighted boat parade, but decided it wasn't worth the pain that results from all that standing, so we just watched snippets of it on the local news.


One afternoon I went to lighthouse beach for a few hours of "nature's heating pad" ... sandwiched between the warm sand and the warm sun.  I picked along the low tide line to find a few mini shells, and ran into my friend Pam from  I showed her my handful of shells, and she included me in her blog, complete with a "cyber shelling" photo you can click on to really see close up all the minis I found.  It was a beautiful day...

And as always, the sunsets over the water every evening (this is NOT our view from the campground, but only a few miles away) are always beautiful.

On Tuesday evenings, we play Bingo here at the Groves RV Resort.
I saw this adorable book about a baby crocodile at a store.  In it the baby crocodile wants to eat a child, and is offered all these other things to eat.  Finally, he comes upon a child, who, to summarize,  says "oh look at the baby crocodile".  Then picks him up and throws him back in the water!  Hahahaha!  The story and illustration is so cute!!
Since Santa's reindeer are tired from all the cold and snow, Santa in Sanibel uses Flamingos!  Hope you are having a Merry Christmas!

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great pics and looks like a blast Anna!!