Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tucson Gem Show

Our adventure has been in high gear this last week.  Noel is going to the lapidary studio and has been cutting and polishing stones for me.  Yea Noel!  He seems to be really enjoying it, except his thumb nails may take a while to recover.

 I have been taking a stained glass class here at the RV park, and my first project came out pretty good!  I too have some cuts and burns to my hands - being crafty is hazardous!

Sunday we watched that pitiful game they called the Super Bowl, and then Tuesday we went to....wait for it.....The Tucson Gem Show!  We left bright and early to make the 2 1/2 hour drive south to Tucson.  The event, and its not just a gem show, its an EVENT, takes place annually and is the largest gem and jewelry show in the WORLD.  It was everything Quartzsite wasn't.  Every hotel, motel, convention center and meeting space houses amazing gems and jewelry from around the world.  And its not just the hotel meeting rooms - its every room!  In some they remove the beds, in others they just pushed it to the side, and so each room is like a little shop.  

So while in Quartzsite I had to really search through a lot of rocks in their natural state, and stones cut and polished by dreadlocked, pot smoking prospectors to find ones I wanted, every stone offered in Tucson was of the highest quality, superbly cut and polished.  Oh how I wished I hadn't spent so much in Quartzsite!  I saw stones I had never seen before, there were mineral specimens from all over the globe, stones faceted with such precision they won awards!  (like this guy: John Dyer)  Table after table, room after room, tent after tent was just full of eye candy.  I spent what money I had at our very first, and hence only, stop.  It took less than an hour!  But it was one AMAZING hour!  Check it out....

Beautifully cut matched sets of agates...yes I bought some!

An amazing selection of stones from Russia - charoite, eudilite, seraphinite,
drusys, larvikite and more...yes, I bought some.

A showcase of minerals in a dumpy motel room.  I drooled a bit, and enjoyed
the geology lesson, but I didn't buy any.

Tray after tray of high end gemstones - rubies, sapphires, tourmaline,
amethyst, amber, chalcedony and so much more.....yes, I bought some!

I've never heard of crocoite, but look how
amazing it is.  How they transported this without
breaking any of those crystals is beyond me.  It was $8,000.
I didn't buy it.

Great selection of turquoise, larimar, pietersite,
sugelite, and more.  Yes, I bought some!

Eye candy.....

They had to bring this one in with a crane!  It was already
sold.  Darn!

A giant cluster of amethyst.  Also sold.  Bummer.

A tray of labradorite.  Yes, I bought some!

I don't even know what this is, but its cool!

More minerals....

Russian rainbow drusy.  Yes, I bought some.  See why I 
ran out of  money?

My new favorite Russian.  He had a great
selection and the quality was awesome.

A few of the things that I purchased.  Just a few!

Since we had left at 7 am and arrived to the shows by 9:30, I was done shopping, browsing and eating by 11:30.  Hmmmmm - what to do next?  Site see!  

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b and bb cole said...

I would have given anything to be there with you!! Apparently I would just love to go on your whole trip with you!! Looks like soooo much fun Anna~ WOW the gems/minerals/stones are incredible!!
Happy RV'n xo