Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity, Jig

We arrived in Denver on a rainy afternoon and set up camp at Dakota RV in Golden Colorado and then headed to my sister's house.  She and her husband Bob have a lovely home in Highlands Ranch, and they are raising their granddaughter Zoe, who just turned 12.  They took us out for an amazing dinner at a place called "The Fort" in Denver.  I guess its "the" place to go in Denver,  just last week the President was there and the restaurant was the location of the G-8 Summit a few years ago.

Me and my big sister!  We look a lot a like, I know!

The menu includes bison, elk, duck and quail, and while it may sound gross, they serve the most AMAZING roasted bones with the bone marrow.  Zoe even talked me into tasting Rocky Mountain Oysters (testicles).  The bone marrow was delicious, the testicles, not so much!  Zoe loves them, and she had the quail, my sister the duck, I had bison and Bob had elk chops.  Noel got the sampler platter of elk, bison and quail.  If I had known elk chops were so good, I would have shot a few of the ones we saw!!  YUM!

 My mom used to let us eat the bone marrow out of soup bones
she cooked in soup, and it was yummy!  I haven't had marrow
in years, and this restaurant actually serves it as an appetizer!  Sounds
gross, but it is SO good!

Zoe likes to dance with her quail before feasting on it!  This child can
put away massive amounts of food, and she has quite
gourmet pallet!  She'll eat anything!I

It was Zoe's 12th birthday!  Happy Birthday!  Love you bunches!
Zoe insisted!

The following day my nephew David came over and we cooked up what halibut I had left in the freezer.  Fun family time!

Then while Noel got some things taken care of with tires, truck and trailer, my sister, Zoe and I spent the day at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  If you are ever in Denver, it is a MUST see - its very well done!

We left rainy Denver and started the last leg of our journey - back to Ohio!  We are staying at the KOA in Brookville while looking at various rentals in the area.  Noel is interviewing for a full time position - he wants to go back to work!  I was able to see by adorable surrogate grandkids and got lots of kisses and hugs, and my dad is very happy to have me home!

My little sunshines!

Thanks for following along with our journey and keeping us in your prayers.   Now that we are back to our boring old lives I guess this blog is finished - at least until we get itchy to get back on the road!


Amy Schubert said...

Great Blog!

I have enjoyed reading it! Thank you for sharing your trip.

Lorie Burger said...

I am so thrilled Anna for you and Noel - you have taken on your dream trip and arrived back home safely. So wonderful to pursue your dream. Looking forward to reconnecting with you at some time.

Linda Christmas said...

I so happy you and Noel had a wonderful, safe adventure! Also happy to hear you're back in Ohio. Looking foward to hearing from you again.
Linda Christmas