Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not old, but "vintage"

Between my injuries, fibro and interstitial cystitis its been a pain filled week so not much activity to report.  We did go to the movies to see "Noah", (don't bother) and over the weekend, we went to a vintage market called "Thieves Market".  I had read about it in the paper and am so glad we went.  It was a blast and I wanted to buy everything.  It was all "vintage" stuff - not old enough to be antique, but worn and shabby, just like us!

 lots of buttons at the booth of www.rubymaejewelry.com

 And there is something about Kewpie dolls I just love....

 Stacy Jay had some really unique pieces - I really liked her style

I've heard of a pocket full of wishes, but never a jar full of wish bones!
I loved everything in this booth!!
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I saw this vintage Marx metal doll house for $5!!  I passed it up thinking I really didn't have the room for it in the trailer,

 but I'm kicking myself in the butt, because it is just like the one I had when I was little....

That's me when I was 4!

If nothing else, I could have bought and re-sold the doll house - they are going for up to $200 on Etsy!  Argh.....

On the way home from the market, we stopped at the Arizona Casino, where I won 7280 pennies!  Yea - that's $72.80 - certainly more than anything I won in Vegas.  So Noel and I had lunch out, and still had enough to cover the few things I bought at the market.  (some vintage books, an old marionette doll and a beautiful Victorian door knocker).

Noel's been volunteering at the Lutheran Church's Thrift Shop, so he's been keeping busy while I've been resting and nursing my bladder pain.  I purchased a groupon for a wellness experience, so I was treated to being suspended in a hot tub (so you can float freely without your head sinking!), a massage and then a negative ion "bio mat" complete with infra-red heat and amethyst crystals.  The massage was a little rough (deep tissue) so boy was I sore the next day, but that hot tub thing was amazing!  Don't you love Groupon??

I've been working a bit on this new "scratch art" technique I learned here at Mesa Spirit.  Working from the photo out of a magazine:

I drew this:

I'm still tweaking it, but its coming along.

I'm glad spring has arrived for all our friends and family in Ohio, and I want to thank Beth, who always leaves such positive comments on this blog; its nice to know someone is reading it! :)


b and bb cole said...

AHHHH Thank you Anna for writing it, I really do love it! You are really good at it too. Interesting, funny and awesome pics!! So much so that there are many buttons I wanted in your picture! LOL. Hope your feeling better and that massage thing sounded awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping me company at lunch today! More of us checking in than you might think. ;-) hope you feel better very soon!!

Anonymous said...

Sue Smith was right. It's a painted redstart.


You're lucky you saw one! Their range is really small.


Anonymous said...

After Noel's text about malted milk balls I got on your blog and in my down time at Board of Elections - I think I have read every blog posted! LOL

Glad to see y'all are safe and having fun! Don't overdo it and remember where you came from ... OHIO remembers you!

Love y'all!